Artificial Grass – Kind to the environment, kind to your pocket!

Best Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Sales and Installation in San Diego

At Turf Solutions, we offer more than just a new lawn- we’ll provide you with the ultimate in garden decoration, making it a place where you can retreat to in order to escape the stresses and struggles of daily life.  If you want to completely transform your yard, then give the best artificial grass and synthetic turf installation a call!

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Synthetic Lawn Company San Diego, Top Rated Artificial Turf Installation Company

Artificial Turf

Eliminate pesky lawn maintenance for good, and get the perfect luscious lawn all year at a fantastic price.  When you choose San Diego Artificial Grass’s synthetic turf you will save time and money on maintenance.  Most importantly you will have peace of mind that you have chosen the best artificial grass synthetic turf installation company in San Diego to give your home or commercial landscape an amazing look all year.  You’ll save money due to the fact that you’ll save on water bills and eliminate the need to fertilize and mow your lawn.  When comparing to natural, turf is practically maintenance free.  Our turf is recyclable and pollutant-free, making it environmentally friendly.

Putting Greens Installation San Diego, Golf Putting Greens Contractor

Putting Greens

Indulge in a little golf in the comfort of your own home, and wow the other players at the golf course with your short game, thanks to one of our great putting green installations.  We are the number one choice in San Diego, CA. for the installation of stunning golf putting lawns. You won’t need to head out to the golf course to improve your game, and that training will certainly pay off when it comes to the real thing. As the best artificial grass putting green installation company in San Diego, we specialize in building professional-standard putting greens right in your own home, to give you that authentic golfing experience whenever you want.

Artificial Grass Playground Installation San Diego, Synthetic Turf Playground Company

Playground Turf

Transform a playground into a low-maintenance area that can be used to hold sports events and activities, any time of the year!  Imagine a playground surface that is great for hosting sporting events, but requires very minimal maintenance or none at all. Well, thanks to San Diego Artificial Grass, the best artificial grass playground installation company in San Diego, that dream is now a reality. We provide environmentally friendly, affordable artificial turf that looks just like the real thing, and comes fully guaranteed to satisfy. We only use the very finest synthetic grass, and implement innovative drainage systems to prevent the build up of moisture to boot.

Synthetic Grass For Dogs San Diego, Artificial Lawn Dog Run Installation

Pet Turf

Stop your dog from ruining your lawn, by installing our specially designed artificial grass that’s perfect for pet owners.  San Diego Artificial Grass services are also great for pets. Since our synthetic grass looks just like the real thing, but without the mess and maintenance, we find that many pet owners prefer to hire the best artificial pet turf installation company in San Diego for these and many other reasons. Our artificial turf is long-lasting and durable, so can put up with whatever your furry friend throws at it. What’s more, with such low maintenance costs, it pays for itself over time, so what are you waiting for? Check out our brilliant deals today!

Synthetic Turf Services Company San Diego, Artificial Grass Residential and Commercial Projects

Turf Applications

If you need some inspiration on how to put your outdoor space to a completely new use, then why not try artificial turf? It’s great for adding some color to decking, as well as patios, and even around the pool. We can install turf wherever you want it. Call the best artificial grass landscape design company in San Diego today!

Synthetic Grass Cleaning Techniques San Diego, Artificial Turf Cleaning Process

Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass is low-maintenance and needs far less work than a regular lawn to keep it looking great for many years to come. Check out our maintenance page for more info on caring for your synthetic turf. We can also maintain it for you. Call the best artificial turf maintenance company in San Diego today to schedule a cleaning today!

Synthetic Turf Installation Contractor Projects San Diego, New Residential or Business Project Artificial Landscape Installation

Turf Installations

Do you need new artificial grass, landscaping or playground surface for your home or business?  We have exactly what you need, and have a team that can oversee professional installation from start to finish.  Call the best residential and commercial artificial grass installation company in San Diego.

Synthetic Turf Questions and Answers San Diego, Artificial Lawn Installation Answers

Turf FAQ’s

Does synthetic turf overheat in sunny weather? How easy is it to clean if a pet pees or poops on it? Will it really last for years? Is it gopher proof? Will it fade over time? Our FAQ’s page has all the answers you’re looking for. If not, you can call or email us for all your synthetic turf artificial grass questions in San Diego.

Artificial Grass is the ideal way to revolutionize your lawn.

Whether you are sick of spending your weekend mowing your grass, or find that your yard just isn’t right for growing grass just the way you want it, San Diego Artificial Grass has got you covered with our innovative synthetic turf solutions:

turf grass

Why choose San Diego Artificial Grass?

  • Choose from new turf depending on your budget. That way, any family can afford a beautiful lawn with money left over to spare.
  • We’re experts in installing artificial grass for residential and commercial purposes.
  • Ready and waiting with turf options. Just let us know what you need and we can give you a fantastic quote!
  • Incredible prices thanks to our low overhead costs.
  • We install putting greens, pet turf for dog runs, landscape turf for, patios, front or backyards.
  • Drought this summer? No problem! Our artificial lawns look great whatever the weather, without needing any water at all.

Give us a call today and see how San Diego Artificial Grass can transform your lifestyle!

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There are so many ways that artificial turf can be put to use.  Here are some examples:

Rooftop gardens

Residential and commercial projects

Pool surroundings

Sports fields

Dog runs

Decorative borders

Custom landscaping

Ground cover


Batting cages

Erosion control

And much more!

Whatever you want, we’ll be happy to help, so let Turf Solutions help turn your dream into a reality today!



Synthetic Grass Custom Design Company San Diego, Best Custom Artificial Lawn Pricing


Synthetic Grass For Dogs San Diego, Artificial Lawn Dog Run Installation


Top Rated Synthetic Turf Company San Diego, Artificial Lawn Play Area Company


Artificial Turf Putting Green Installation in San Diego, Top Rated Synthetic Grass Golf Putting Green


Synthetic Turf Deck and Patio Installation San Diego, Top Rated Artificial Lawn Roof, Deck and Patio Company


Synthetic Lawn Patio, Deck and Roof Company San Diego, Best Artificial Grass Deck, Patio and Roof Prices

How can artificial grass change your life for the better?

No more wasting your precious free time trying to keep the lawn alive and digging up pesky weeds.

Keep your yard free from mud, and ensure a low-maintenance lawn all year round. What’s more, artificial lawn also dries exceptionally quickly- perfect for after a rainy day.

Drought? No problem! Your lawn will stay green and pristine without the need for any water.

For those of you with hay fever, an artificial lawn could be just the thing- no more taking allergy tablets all through the summer!

Keep your family free from pollutants and pesticides- you don’t need any of those with artificial grass. Your garden will stay pollutant-free while still keeping the pests away.

Save space on garden tools by completely eliminating the need for a lawnmower and other similar products. Just think of the space you’ll save in the garage or shed!

Artificial turf is built to last up to 15 years, and once you’ve made the initial payment, that’s it- no more costly maintenance or replanting!

Finally, and possibly best of all, artificial grass stays looking green and fresh throughout the year. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, you can enjoy your yard to the full with our beautiful synthetic turf.

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  • Do you remember the term “Astroturf” when artificial grass wasn’t that popular? Synthetic Turf or Artificial Grass is the more common term used when describing fake grass nowadays. There are many companies in San Diego that claim to be the best, but buyer beware. There are many synthetic turf contractors that are not licensed, bonded or insured and are quick to take your money. Be sure they have a current license issued by the CSLB (California State Licensing Board).

  • Installing artificial grass nowadays is much more affordable than turf available years ago. You do not need a landscape designer, architect or landscape contractor to design and install the turf for your home or commercial business. If you want a professional installation for your apartment, condo / condominium, house, business or vacation rental then give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

  • Our consultant will work with you to provide green, low water, low maintenance, drought tolerant, water friendly, water wise, smart and efficient landscape design ideas to conserve water for your front yard, backyard, side yard, patio or dog run. We try to use organic, natural and sustainable products whenever possible. Out turf installation experts also install backyard golf putting greens and playground turf.

  • Our company has many positive reviews and testimonials online on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.  We pride ourselves in being efficient and providing quality turf installation services. We only use quality supplies from reputable dealers with the best warranties and guarantees in the industry. We offer free estimates throughout North, South, East, West / Coastal San Diego County.

Landscape Designer

  • Do you need a landscape designer to design your landscaping to install artificial turf? The short answer is, No. Even though we are not designers by trade we can help you design and install artificial grass in your home or business and save you thousands of dollars in designer’s fees in the process. We are experienced in helping clients design the landscape of their dreams.

Lawn Care Service

  • We are professional artificial grass lawn care maintenance service. Once synthetic turf is installed the only thing you should really do is lightly rinse it once in a while to remove dust and other debris from the fibers.

  • If a more thorough synthetic grass cleaning is needed use a broom with thick bristles to brush off leaves or trash from your fake grass.  Grooming your lawn with a thick bristle brush will also help keep the turf blades upright, looking full and plush like real grass.

Turf Supplier

  • We are the best artificial turf synthetic grass installers in San Diego Ca. If you’re looking where to buy or get a quality turf installation you’ve come to the right place! We don’t have cheap turf for sale and only carry the best top rated artificial grass for a backyard golf putting green, for dogs / dog runs, pet turf, front yards, backyards, patios, playgrounds and more. We also repair existing turf.

  • You may be asking what is the cost or how much is it to install? Our prices are very fair and reasonable compared to other turf companies. We are not wholesale liquidators, sell used remnants or recycled turf.  We only install new high-quality turf. With us your lawn will look amazing! If you’re looking how to install synthetic grass, we may not be the best fit, but we can get you in the right direction.

  • We install artificial grass in North, South, East and West / Coastal San Diego County. We have many positive customer reviews and client testimonials in Yelp, Google and Facebook.